If you are seeing this, then sadly you're in the wrong place.

Wikia recently forced all of it's users to only have the monobook and Oasis skins available. While Monobook is still the better skin, sadly it will not be supported in the future, and logged-out users will only see the Oasis skin. A skin that not only is known to give people migranes, but also is so unmanagable that there have been multaple workarounds via css just so the users can edit their pages. In response to multiple users trying to make this available for guests and logged-out users via the site's css, Wikia has made it against the terms of service to modify the global css for a wiki.

In response to this I had intended to leave and take my work with me, but essentialy Wikia is keeping this information here against my will. As I don't have the time to persue legal action, I'm merely maintaining and updating the wiki only enough that I can't have my wiki adopted by another group, as unlikely as that is.

As I'm also forbidden by the TOS to link to the new destination, my only suggestion is to look on google or check on the King of the Thames main community. I will always have the current link there. If you need a link to the community, please feel free to ask.